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Written by a member of HALT Selby. Excellent post illustrating just what a massive issue this is for hundreds of people.

I have just wrote a letter to Nigel Adams thanking him and his fellow members for giving such a quality debate in the House of Commons 21/03/2023 on Solar Farms being placed on BMV farm land. In the limited time he and his fellow members had, I thought the salient points they all made were amazing and cut to the point. I personally feel that the prospective developers, should be made to bring some life size mock ups to be placed where everyone can easily see what they are about to bring to the area, to give them a better - informed idea of what they are about to receive. If a larger scheme is proposed, where it needs to go to central government for approval. I feel that the relevant people who are responsible for granting/refusing planning permission, should be taken in and around the proposed areas, to give some perspective of the magnitude of the Industrial Complex, especially Amanda Solloway. What concerns me is the speed of which the key information is passed to and from, to the relevant ministers, who can give clarity on what grades of land cannot be considered for Solar Farms before some slip through the net in the meantime. I also feel that the loss of amenities is grossly underestimated for the physical and mental wellbeing of all the local residents, but also people who come from other areas, to enjoy what we have on our doorstep. An unforeseen knock-on effect of the loss, could possibly put more pressure on the already overstretched NHS. We have to keep focused on what we are seeing with the ongoing war in Ukraine. We must not jeopardise our own ability to produce quality food, to enable us to be as self sufficient as possible.


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