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VAST - doing something about the industrialisation of our countryside.

Our Countryside is under threat and our villages are being surrounded by 3.5m High solar panels.

Boom Power Ltd are the company behind this and we intend to put a stop to a total change in our way of life. Help us in this FIGHT

An unsustainable way forward, damaging rural landscapes and communities

Open and fertile fields changed to an industrial scale development.

Would you like to walk and cycle through this?

Wildlife will be destroyed, habitation ruined, deer and larger animals will disrupted, even trapped!

East Yorkshire Wind Farm-3 (1)_edited.jpg

Join us in our efforts to help save our community.

Latest News

Local Initiatives

Understand the Impact

Are you interested in wildlife? Well so are we! The impact of the construction of solar energy facilities on animals is catastrophic. It WILL harm wildlife. The reflective surfaces of solar panels can also confuse birds, insects, and other animals, leading to injuries.

Animals Need Us

We live in an area of beauty and this is why we moved here. I love watching the deer in the fields, the birds of prey in the sky, the countless animals in the fields. If you can list as many animals as you can on your walks then we would love to hear about what you have seen.

You Can Help.

If you are in the area we would love to see photos and reports of bird types, Curlews, Hawks and many more types of protected species list attached below.

Community Forum

This is where you can post your comments and photos of anything that could help in our fight against this solar intrusion.

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